TLC Ranch



    *Filler Board constructed of High Density polyethylene overlay permanently bonded to plywood

    *The polyethylene overlay provides 100% moisture barrier and is completely resistant to solvents, 
      oils, acids and alkalis

              *Polyethylene overlay and plywood core meet minimum requirements

    *Ultraviolet inhibitor included in the HD Polyethylene overlay, exterior finish of board on both sides
      is non-glare, hair-cell textured finish, color of board for qualifying order quantity to be selected 
      by the owner

    *Polyethylene overlay recommended for most applications is .070 to .125 thickness on one or both 
      sides of the plywood substrate sheeting.

    *Board sizes available in full sheets 4x8, x10, x 12 and 5x8, x 10, x 12. Cut to exact size 
      specification for perfect fit also available

              *Plywood substrate is APA certified under the Engineered Wood Association

              *USDA & FDA approved with 2-Year limited warranty certificate from the manufacturer

TLC Elite Board panels, LIKE NO OTHER, are ideal for use in agricultural applications and many other specialized uses and delivers engineered performance coupled with unmatched panel life. The polyethylene overlay provides 100% moisture barrier which exceeds the performance of a comparison to a marine grade type of plywood.